Current Projects

Medieval Latin Manuscripts in the National Library: cataloguing and digitization


The National Library of Sweden is home to more than 300 medieval manuscripts written in Latin, making up about 60% of the library’s entire medieval manuscript collection. The manuscripts date from the early eighth to the second half of the sixteenth centuries and include works on theology, law, grammar, philosophy, medicine, astronomy and rhetoric amongst others. The theological manuscripts, counting ca 200 items in total, constitute the largest sub-group. It is the purpose of this project to make a detailed description and a full digitization of every theological manuscript available on

The project is funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond: For the Advancement of the Humanities and Social Sciences and is hosted by the National Library of Sweden. The project will run over five years (2022-2026) and currently involves four researchers.

Project participants

  • Elin Andersson, PhD in Latin from Stockholm University (2011), curator of the Rogge library belonging to the National Library and the Cathedral library in Strängnäs.
  • Patrik Granholm, PhD in Greek from Uppsala University (2012), curator of medieval and early modern manuscripts at the National Library and the creator and main developer of Manuscripta.
  • Erika Kihlman, Associate professor of Latin at Stockholm University, and project leader.
  • Robin Wahlsten Böckerman, PhD in Latin from Stockholm University (2016).


For questions about the project please contact Robin Böckerman.